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It’s been a tough week, and usually I don’t write to you from the low points. It occurred to me while I was gimping and grumbling around the house that faithfulness is all about what we do when our fears are running high. I have a disturbing diagnosis. The Physical Therapist says that I have so much trouble walking because I have weak hips. When I asked him what I can do about it, he said we are doing with exercise what can be done. Since I have been doing those exercises for a year now, I do not hold much hope for walking a whole lot better than I have been, except that now I have two good knees. The staples are out and the wound is healing very well. My Sister had to leave early when her Father-in-Law died. It would be difficult if my daughter did not live next door. My Son-in-law takes me to PT. As crazy as that move to Winfield just before surgery seemed at the time, it has made my recovery time much easier for all of us.


I think some of the hardest things to bear are the partial solutions that buy a little time but don’t solve the problem. I called Tim Curran and talked with him about my fears. He advised me not to get ahead of myself, and it is good advice. In a community of people who care about one another there are words, prayers, affection that lift us when we need it. As our care matures into love we learn the self-restraint that smooths the ways between us. Love and self-restraint bond a community. “If you love me keep my commandments.” It was very hard to miss the Block Party and VBS. Those things we do for our neighbors expand the boundaries of the Kingdom of God. They scatter the seed. We have a dream of love that mends our lives and makes them strong. Christians have named that dream the Kingdom of God.

What if we only have today? When it is a day that we have honestly shared, had as much fun and have done as much work together as was needed, it is a good day. I can build on that. One good solid day added to another. Think of them as bricks of the Kingdom. You may be sure that I will fight to walk better than I can now, putting one foot in front of another to continue a faithful life. I am so happy to be with you and look forward to the seasons ahead.


God bless you. See you July 1.


Mother Deborah +